5 Greatest Matches In SummerSlam History

By | March 13, 2018

SummerSlam is the biggest pay per view event after WrestleMania in the summer of august every year. This year also SummerSlam is going to be live on 19th August 2017. In this post we are mentioning top 5 greatest matches in SummerSlam history. We can expect few big matches coming forward this year like previous years.

Greatest Matches In SummerSlam History

We have witnessed a lot of interesting matches in the history of SummerSlam. Every year some great matches are witnessed by WWE universe.

So, here we are presenting some of the biggest matches of SummerSlam history.

 5. The Rock Vs Triple H

It was a ladder match in the SummerSlam of 1998 between the two greatest wrestler of the time The Rock Vs Triple H. It was a jaw dropping match between them. but because of some interference from Chyna in favour of Triple H, Triple H won this match against the fan’s favourite The Rock.

the rock vs triple h summerslam

4. Daniel Bryan Vs John Cena

The point when Daniel Bryan and John Cena battled in SummerSlam of 2013, it was one of the best matches in SummerSlam history. Cena is known for putting down the stars of wwe. But that day things were not the same for Cena. Daniel Bryan Chanted “Yes Yes Yes!!” and put down Cena to win the match.
john cena vs daniel bryan summerslam

3. Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels 

Career of Shawn Michael was over few years back before this match of SummerSlam 2002. This match was against Shawn’s D-Generation X partner Triple H. People didn’t know what to expect from Shawn Michael since he was out of action for last four years.The match was full emotional and blood soaked. However, Michael won the match to become the face of WWE of that time and starting second phase of his WWE career.
summerslam history triple h vs shawn michael

2. Bret Hart Vs Owen Hart

One can put Bret Hart matches at the top of tables of SummerSlam easily without any doubt. Some of the best matches came against his own brother Owen Hart like the steel cage match at SummerSlam of 1994. It was one of the greatest steel cage match in the history of WWE. However Bret won the match defeating Owen.
greatest matches in summerslam

1. Bret Hart Vs The British Bull Dog

In this match of SummerSlam of 1992 in the open stadium of Wembley, more than 80,000 people gathered to watch this Intercontinental Championship Match. At that time the both men were fan picked so it was very interesting to watch which one would win. The British Bull Dog won the match to become the Intercontinental Championship that night while Bret performance lead him to first WWE championship after a month. Bret called this match one of the best match of his career.
summerslam best match-bret hart
So these were some of the greatest matches of WWE SummerSlam History.
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